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If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you know all too well how difficult it can be to eat, speak or even smile comfortably. While partial dentures, full dentures or even dental bridges exist, they may not be right for you.

As your local dentist in North Seattle, it’s important to us that our patients feel confident again in healthy, strong smiles they can count on for a lifetime. That is why we offer state-of-the-art dental implants to effectively replace single missing teeth, a set of teeth or an implant-supported denture. If you’re considering restoring your smile after missing teeth, call us at (206) 729-0273 to set a consultation with your Greenwood dentist.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement to be permanently secured into the jawbone, much like a strong, natural tooth root. These revolutionary titanium devices support a natural-looking replacement tooth (or dental crown) and won’t slip, move or fall out in front of others. Your dental crown and implant will often be mistaken for a regular healthy tooth. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime!


Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

While dental implants may take longer to place than a dental bridge or denture, they are recognized as a superior form of tooth replacement for many reasons. Dental implants are stronger, more resilient and longer-lasting than other forms of restorative dentistry, and they function most similarly to regular, healthy teeth. Patients with dental implants experience a high success rate with the procedure, do not need to change a good dental hygiene routine and can live life just as they would with regular teeth.

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

At Aurora Dental Care in North Seattle and Greenwood, it is important to us that our patients find the best possible care for their unique dental needs. We recognize that dental implants are not right for everyone. When you come in for a consultation for dental implants, Dr. Smith will carefully guide you through an examination of your oral health, ask questions about your medical history and consider your specific dental goals and needs. Call us at (206) 729-0273 to schedule an appointment with your local general and cosmetic dentist.

Our Dental Implant Process

Where bone level is adequate, an implant can be placed and left to heal. After bone heals around the implant, a connector known as an abutment is placed to shape the gum so it flares exactly the same way it flares around the tooth’s root. This is called a healing abutment. Two weeks after this, an impression is done and a new abutment and crown are placed. Voila, your new tooth is complete!
We use the Osstem Implant System, the most advanced of its kind.

This video shows how a single missing front tooth can be replaced with a single implant and crown. Also, when you have multiple missing teeth in the row, two implants can be used as two anchors and a bridge can be seated on top. Results feel as natural as your own teeth, and look how many teeth you gain back!

In comparison, this video also shows how two teeth have to be prepared and reduced in size in order to support a traditional dental bridge. That is a lot of tooth structure to give up, just to fill the space of one missing tooth! Unlike dental bridges, dental implants effectively restore the area affected by tooth loss without placing a cost on neighboring teeth.

The last section of the video shows how a full denture can be secured, stabilized and supported by implants in what is known as an implant supported denture. This way, you will never have to worry about your denture moving or falling out of your mouth when speaking, laughing, eating.

Dental Implants at Aurora Dental Care

One of our patients commented that the implant is one of her best investments. Totally agreed! If you’re missing one tooth or more, please ask us about dental implants! As your local cosmetic dentist in Greenwood and Seattle, we look forward to helping you achieve great oral health in a smile you can feel confident in.


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Comprehensive Care

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal oral health. Having a healthy mouth allows you to have a healthy body, too. We understand the connection between the health of your mouth and the health of the rest of your body. This is why we offer all types of dental care to our patients. We can help with anything from general dentistry, including exams and cleanings, up to preventative care, including fillings and root canals, and then we can also offer restorative care, such as crowns and dental implants. No matter what you need, the staff here at Aurora Dental Care is able to help.

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We want you to feel comfortable turning to us for all of your dental needs. It can be difficult, especially for those who do not have dental insurance, to be able to get the care they need at a price they can afford. We work with our patients because the health of your mouth, and the rest of your body, is our top priority. If you need help with a painful tooth, or an unhealthy mouth, call us. We will work with you to get the procedures done that you need, at a price you can afford. We will even offer installment payments for whatever you cannot cover upfront.

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