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Dental Insurance Benefits at Aurora Dental Care

Washington Dental Service at Aurora Dental Care

Washington Dental Service (WDS) is by far the largest dental insurance in Washington State, yet many members go by year after year without visiting the dentist!

Know Your Benefits: Use Your Benefits!
When you don’t use your dental insurance benefits, you could be missing out on affordable dental care and putting your oral health at risk. At Aurora Dental Care in Greenwood, Dr. Tuanh Smith and her team understand the importance of providing exceptional dental care that is gentle, reliable and affordable. Are you using the full benefits of your insurance plan?

Call us at 206-729-0273 to learn more about how your local dentist in Greenwood can help you!

Has it Been Six Months Already?!
Whether a loved one has recently graduated from school or a job offer has flown you out of state, there can be many temptations to miss your six month appointment at the dentist! But whether time, location or a fear of the dentist have made it difficult to come in, it’s important to remember that treating small dental issues now can play a large role in maintaining your oral health in the future.

Dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay can quickly grow into a large or expensive dental problem. Protect your health and peace of mind early-on by coming in every six months for compassionate care and gentle treatments with us. We look forward to providing you with a positive dental experience no matter your dental needs.

How Do I Use WDS?
Dental insurance can be a tough subject if you don’t know who to ask! But at our family and cosmetic dentistry in in Greenwood our knowledgeable staff is nearby to help. By giving us a call at 206-729-0273 we’ll take the time to answer your questions and offer convenient scheduling options for your appointment. With a broad knowledge of Delta Dental of Washington and WDS we’ll partner with you to find the dental care you need, comfortably.

New Patient Special!
From the moment you first walk into the door, our staff works tirelessly to provide the best services and methods of care. By offering an exclusive $79 new patient special, we let new patients receive a dental exam and X-rays at a fraction of the traditional cost! Give us a call at 206-729-0273 to learn more about your new patient visit! We’re confident you’ll love your first appointment with us!

Excellence of Care
Your Local Dentist In North Seattle
From helping patients discover a range of convenient scheduling options to providing gentle and calming dental treatments, Dr. Smith and the team at Aurora Dental Care take pride in supporting the local community by offering the best in modern dental care. If you’re looking for a local dentist in North Seattle, Aurora Dental Care is a compassionate community dedicated to improving your oral health in a friendly and caring environment.

Do You have Questions About Your WDS Plan?
To contact the Washington Dental Service Customer Service line directly, call (206) 522-2300 or
(800) 554-1907 for assistance or visit the Delta Dental of Washington website at

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