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How to Prepare for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment

If you’re in Seattle and you’re thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry treatment from Dr. Tuanh Smith of Aurora Dental Care, you may be wondering what to do before your initial consultation.

It’s helpful to brush up on the basics of proper dental care before a cosmetic dentistry appointment, so we’ve prepared a few tips to help ensure a smooth visit.

1. Brush and Floss

In most cases, your cosmetic dentistry appointment is going to start with a thorough oral exam and teeth cleaning. A teeth cleaning and oral exam helps Dr. Smith understand your oral health and what cosmetic procedures you may benefit from.

In addition, Dr. Smith may take photos, x-rays or even molds of your teeth during the appointment in order to determine the best procedures to use for restoring your smile. If you brush and floss before your appointment, this will make things easier and more efficient during your oral hygiene appointment and oral exam.

2. Bring Your Dental Records or Have Them Sent to the Office

If you are switching dentists, or if your general dentist has recommended that you see a specialist for a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Tuanh Smith is an ideal choice. However, it is recommended that you request a copy of your dental records or have them sent directly to Dr. Smith and Aurora Dental Care before your visit.

With your dental records on-hand, Dr. Smith will be able to get a good understanding of your overall dental health. Your records will give Dr. Smith pertinent information about your past dental visits at a glance, such as the number of crowns, fillings and other restorations that you might have. This will be very helpful when designing your custom treatment plan.

3. Do Some Research About Your Treatment Options

Though Dr. Smith and the team at Aurora Dental Care are happy to discuss each specific procedure, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign, it is often helpful if you have a basic understanding of which cosmetic treatment options you may be interested in.

Don’t know where to start? Check out this list of some of our most commonly-used cosmetic dentistry procedures! Take a look, and learn the basics about your options at our Greenwood dental office.

4. Have Your Questions Ready

It’s best to make a list of any questions you may have beforehand, so that you can get all of the answers you need from Dr. Smith. Common questions you should consider asking include:

  • Will my insurance cover this procedure?
  • How much will my treatment cost?
  • How should I prepare for the procedure?
  • How long will recovery take?
  • Is sedation dentistry available?
  • Will I have to take any precautions to maintain my new smile?

Prepare for Your Appointment – And Come in Today!

If you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, Greenwood, or Northgate, the team at Aurora Dental Care wants to be a part of your journey to a confident smile. With patient-focused care, comprehensive treatment plans and reasonable rates, we can give you the smile of your dreams.

Contact us now at (206) 729-0273 to schedule an appointment, or come to our Seattle office at 10314 Greenwood Ave., N. Seattle, WA 98133. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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