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I’ll Have What Phil’s Having – Celebrating Parent Appreciation Month

I recently watched a PBS series about food in big cities around the world, featuring this funny writer who wrote the script for the ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ sitcom. Besides the interesting food experiences that he showed in the film, he also shared with us his love for his parents. In every episode, he skyped his parents to ask how they were doing and told them about what he just ate. I can see that he gets his funny side from his parents.

I can imagine that if I call my mom to say: “Ma, I just made this dish today”, she would understand that this is a big achievement for me. Or, if I call to say: ”Ma, I did a bridge today.” or “Ma, I placed an implant today”, she would understand what amount of planning and degree of focus I must have given to the case. She would listen to my excitement and congratulate me. When I worry about something, she would listen and soothe me. When I was a child, my parents sacrificed so all of us would have the best education and all privileges they could afford. When I became an adult, they lent an ear to my problems and gave suggestions. I owe to them what I am today and can never thank them enough for providing and guiding me.

Lorie told me that this month is parent appreciation month. In that spirit, please share your thoughts with us.

Tuanh P, Smith, DDS

Aurora Dental Care

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