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Keep Teeth Healthy Over The Holidays!

During the holidays a lot of travels are done, and more people will find themselves with a toothache away from their dentists. What do you do when you have a dental emergency, such as a cracked tooth, broken crown or sudden toothache? As your family dentist in North Seattle, Dr. Smith and her team have a few tips to keep you smiling through the holidays.

Check Up Before You Check Out! More cookies, wine and sweet treats are consumed over the holidays than any other time of year. While we travel or celebrate with family, we’re also more likely to forget to brush and floss. So before you travel or decide to cozy up for the Winter season, take a proactive approach to your dental health with a timely checkup, teeth cleaning and exam.

Solve Small Dental Problems Early-On. Plaque buildup and tooth decay are often easy to treat in their early stages, before cavities, tooth loss or painful root canals develop. If you are planning to go on a trip soon or haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, see a friendly face at your local dentist before you go. It could make a big difference in your dental health!

What Can My Local Dentist Do? Preparing for necessary dental care reduces the chances that you will need emergency dentistry later on. Patients who require tooth replacement, for example, can receive a headstart on restoring their smile and improving their health when they plan ahead. When patients come in for tooth extraction and bone grafting, their mouth is properly prepared to receive a dental implant later, or an esthetic dental bridge.

“I Need A Dentist Near Me!” So, is a toothache or pain in your mouth making it difficult to enjoy grandma’s potato salad? Dental accidents happen, and when they do the best way to care for them is to seek the help of a dentist near you. If you need to see a dentist while out of town, many restorative options exist to get you out of pain and back to enjoying the rest of your vacation comfortably. When you get back to your primary dentist, the final stages of your restorative care can be completed.

Root Canal Therapy. It’s not easy to ignore a toothache resulting from an inflamed root canal. Thankfully, an emergency dentist can reduce dental pain with root canal therapy. Rather than wait to get home, emergency dentistry is a useful option in restoring your pain quickly and preventing further dental health related issues from occurring. Simply seek your local dentist when you return home to replace a temporary crown with a permanent dental crown.

Prevention is Key. Before you huddle up with a mug of hot chocolate or pack your bags for the airport, remember a few easy ways to protect your smile this season. Brush and floss regularly, and remember that a proactive visit to the dentist can make a big difference! If you drink wine or eat holiday cookies, try drinking water or chewing sugar-free gum to wash away harmful acids and sugars. Never use your teeth to crack nuts or use as tools to open containers. Should you experience a dental emergency, find the help of a dentist near you to receive help when you need it!

Do you have a question about your dental health? Our team at Aurora Dental Care in North Seattle is glad to help you when you call (206) 729-0273 to schedule an appointment.

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