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Traditional Floss Vs. Water Flossers: What’s The Difference?

Flossing is critical to your overall oral health. But according to the ADA, less than 40% of dental patients floss regularly, and around 20% of patients never floss.

Luckily, there’s another option that claims to be a better, easier-to-use alternative, compared to dental floss. We’re talking about “water flossers”, like the well-known Waterpik.

Interested in oral hygiene in San Diego? Wondering what the difference is between a traditional floss and water flossers? Aurora Dental Care can help you find answers!

Traditional Floss

You’re undoubtedly familiar with traditional dental floss. Composed of flat, coated plastic, string floss is used to remove plaque, bacteria, food debris, and more from between the teeth and gums.

This is important because toothbrushes – even electric brushes – can’t penetrate below the gumline, or remove food material from between the teeth. If this material is not cleared away, your risk of issues like gum disease and tooth decay increase dramatically.

Flossing properly only takes a few minutes, and can help you maintain a much higher level of oral health. Still, many people don’t know how to floss properly, don’t make the time to floss, or otherwise neglect flossing. That’s why water flossers were invented.

Water Flossers

Water flossers, like the Waterpik, use a concentrated jet of water to blast away debris, plaque, and food particles from between the teeth. The manufacturers of water flossers claim that their products are just as good as traditional floss. But is this true?

Well, the answer is “Yes… sort of!”

Water flossers have proven to be effective at removing food debris and promoting a better level of oral health. They also decrease issues like gum bleeding and tenderness, reduce the risk of periodontal disease, and dramatically reduce levels of plaque.

The Waterpik has even been certified by the ADA as a legitimate oral care device. So, if you’re interested in a water flosser, it’s certainly a good investment, and can help you maintain a better level of oral health.

However, water flossers can’t entirely replace string floss. String floss removes plaque more effectively than water flossers do.

But at the end of the day, you should choose whichever method you’re more likely to use. If a water flosser appeals to you, using it exclusively is better than not flossing at all. Just keep in mind that using both a water flosser and string floss will give you the greatest benefits.

Come To Aurora Dental Care And Learn More About Clean Teeth In Seattle!

Want to learn more about dental floss in Seattle, and learn how you can take better care of your oral health? Come to Aurora Dental Care for an oral exam today.

Dr. Tuanh Smith is an experienced dentist in Seattle, WA. She can take a deep look at your overall oral health, and help you get a brighter, healthier smile.

Whether you choose to use a water flosser, string floss, or both, a regular 6-month appointment with Dr. Smith is critical for maintaining a bright smile and a healthy mouth. Contact us at (206) 729-0273 to schedule an appointment, or visit us at 10314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133. We’d love to see you!


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