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Can You Outsmart Your Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom Teeth & Tooth Extraction

Ah, the wisdom tooth–full of sage advice to counsel us on all of our major life decisions.

If only that were the case!

It is estimated that almost 85% of adults have had their wisdom teeth removed to protect their oral health. Could you be one of them?

What Are Wisdom Teeth, Exactly?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in our mouths that typically descend in our late teens and early twenties. For the fortunate few, their wisdom teeth do not disrupt the alignment of their smile when they make their entry.

For many, however, their wisdom teeth arrive misaligned–either at different angles, facing away or towards their second molars, in or towards their teeth, or simply arriving horizontally. In these instances, removal is required.

I Can’t Feel My Wisdom Teeth, So Why Remove Them?

When your wisdom teeth are misaligned in any of the manners described above, it can introduce a great deal of discomfort, even if you don’t initially feel it! Misaligned teeth will slowly but surely overcrowd your mouth and begin to push and shift your neighboring teeth into different positions in your jaw. This can be painful over time and introduce a new set of dental issues for you to take care of!

A partial eruption of the wisdom tooth, when it starts to break through the gum but not does not fully emerge, can introduce infection by way of bacteria in the mouth entering the gums, tooth root, and eventually the blood stream.

Impacted wisdom teeth grow in horizontally and can bump against the roots of your neighboring teeth–ouch!

So How Do I Outsmart My Wisdom Teeth?

Well, you can’t control the way your teeth grow in, although that would certainly be helpful!

But you can remain several steps ahead of your wisdom teeth so that you’re not caught in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Sticking to your six month cleanings and monitoring the health of your mouth above and below the gum line with dental X-rays can ensure that you and your dentist are on the path of better dental care.

When Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is The Right Choice

In these situations, wisdom tooth extraction is the healthiest path forward–for both your oral and overall health–for the the purposes of preventing damage to your teeth, preventing crowding in the mouth, and reducing any risks of inflammation. Furthermore, wisdom teeth removal can preserve the structure of your mouth and alignment of your bite!

The process is relatively simple and only requires a local anesthetic. Your family dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions (typically you need to avoid chewing, hot or cold drinks and foods, and brushing that area for 24 hours).

Replacing Teeth (other than wisdom teeth) In Seattle

Restorative dentistry for replacing a missing tooth will keep not only our oral health in top shape, but your self confidence will be replenished as well! Dental crowns and dental implants are designed to look, feel and function exactly like your natural, healthy teeth. Since they are permanently placed into your jawbone, you never have to worry about them slipping, shifting in place, or falling out while eating or conversing with friends and loved ones.

At Aurora Dental Care, our mission is to change lives, one smile at a time. If you or a loved one is experiencing any sort of discomfort due to wisdom teeth, or if you’d like to maintain your dental health with preventive care, please call or visit us today!

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